Saturday, May 17, 2008

After the Challenge

The first round of the Google Android Developer Challenge is over and the list of winners has been released. Congratulations to all the developers of the top 50 applications!

As some of you already noticed, Enkin is not one of them. We could speculate about the reasons for this, but there is more interesting news:
We have been contacted by Google separately and they, too, are excited about our project.
So at this point in time there are a number of possibilities for the project's future, which we are currently exploring. At the same time, we are working on realizing our previous and recent ideas.
There is more to come!

Blogging Enkin

Since we have made our demo video public, Enkin has received a lot of media attention. Many blogs and newspapers wrote about it and we have received tons of emails from interested people. Thank you for appreciating our work!
This blog is about answering some open questions publicly and keeping you updated on the latest developments of the project.
If you don't know what Enkin is all about, go to and watch the demo video. The technically interested will also find a detailed documentation there.

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